Farm QA (Farm Management Platform)

Farm QA Controller - Your Farm Controlled 

          Farm QA Controller is a precision agriculture intelligence cloud-based platform that collects and displays information from a variety of data sources using an innovative map-based dashboard.   You can see all aspects of your operation in a single view, including paddocks, weather, soil, crop scouting reports, recommendations and task management journals.
  • With Farm QA Controller you can analyse, adjust and manage your farm more effectively.

  • By turning on the œscouting software you can name the farm, paddock, co-ordinates and build a history of farm operations. Your unique IP login will be created, and password protected.

  • Integration with in-field weather stations and other farm software.

  • The use of Aqua Spy moisture probes

  • GPS mapping of farms.

  • Soil compaction tests and GPS locations.

  • Yield monitors.