N-Sight System Knowing what level of nitrates are available in the soil is a mystery.  You can eliminate the guesswork with 360 SOILSCAN - a portable soil test system that gives you the ability to test N availability and soil pH with the accuracy of a traditional soil lab.  Testing only takes about five minutes, and you can do it anywhere that suits you. 360 SOILSCAN combines your yield goal, crop growth stage and soil organic matter levels to build a customized nitrogen application that fits your crop's N needs. Built for in Field Use Understanding nitrogen availability in real time takes a system designed for the challenges of the paddock.  With 360 SOILSCAN, you get a soil testing system that's durable, portable and accurate.
  • Durable:  Rugged case protects it from the elements.
  • Portable:  Easily transported and operated from the back of your vehicle or ATV.
  • Functional:  Uses your IPAD as the operating platform and upgrades without new hardware
    Timely and Accurate Results   Real time measurements mean nothing without accuracy.  98% of 360 SOILSCAN machines passed the relevant certification, giving them the same accuracy as traditional labs.