QMIN K-Gain is designed for foliar and soil application to crops for the mitigation of potassium deficiencies that may limit growth, yield and quality.  QMIN K-Gain is water soluble and non-toxic to foliage when it is applied as directed on the label.

  • Complexed with potassium to enhance carbohydrate translocation from leaves to fruit.

  • QMIN's polysaccharide technology optimizes foliar absorption.

  • Absence of nitrogen to prioritize resource allocation away from vegetative growth and toward developing fruit.

  • Compatible with a wide variety of fertilizers and crop production products.

  • Effective across a wide range of high-value crops including fruits, nuts and vegetables.

  • Controls the opening and closing of stomata in plants and therefore has a significant role in water regulation.

  • Significant role in transport of nitrate, phosphate, Ca, Mg and amino acids.

  • Critical to the transport of carbohydrates in plant.