Acid Buf vs Bi-Carb

Ian Sawyer

[email protected]



High Sodium Bicarbonate pricing means Acid Buf is an even better bet¦


You have probably noticed the Sodium Bicarbonate price has risen enormously over recent months, and that supply is tight. It seems supply is tight, and where product is available, we are being told of pricing in the $750-850/t range.


For most of our friends, you are probably already using Acid Buf anyway, so this is not impacting you. The following will simply support your sound position.


However, let™s take a moment to reinforce the relative value of Acid Buf versus Sodium Bicarb, and lay out why Acid Buf is the clear tool of choice year-round for optimal rumen stability and function.


1. Save $4/t of feed. You use Acid Buf at 40% of sodium bicarb dose for equivalence, and 50% for a superior outcome.


2.  The new Dairy NRC/ NASEM nutrient suggestions DO NOT have an increased sodium requirement for heat stress.


3. You do NOT need to use Sodium Bicarb with Acid Buf as a combination.


In summary: Wins all round with Acid Buf

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