What are the best by-pass fats for dairy cows?

Ian Sawyer

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  • Use a by-pass fat type that will not suppress Dry Matter Intake (DMI). C 16 fat supplements will sustain DMI, and as such will promote greater overall energy intake with fat use. Calcium salts of palm fat are more likely to depress
  • By-pass fats with high C16 + some C18 is the tool to maximise milk volume and solids yield response in the vat without costing any extra body weight loss. Bergafat Premium is such a
  • By-Pass fats with medium C16 + a bit more C18 will optimise body weight regain but will produce a lesser uplift in the vat. Bergafat Classic is such a product.
  • The best by-pass fat for dairy cows is therefore dependent upon your aim and stage of


We will outline below the details about the best by-pass fats for dairy cows in relation to Australian  and New Zealand dairy rations.


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