Forage Challenges in La Nina Year

La Nina year brings great opportunity¦.and maybe some challenges


The obvious benefit of a season with moisture is fodder growth. This is a great opportunity, but experience tells us we may also see fungal challenges arise as warmth and moisture coincide. The type of things we expect to see are:


  • Low quality/spoiled silage or hay with high mould loads
  • Pasture rusts from fungi growth within the sward
  • Perennial rye grass toxicosis (staggers) as perennial pastures hit summer periods
  • Grain quality challenges


The common outcome from all these challenges is mycotoxins in your feed.


Elitox is a proven tool in managing these challenges. Its mode of action as both a biological deactivator of toxins, as well as a traditional binder improves its efficacy. Its data set of both local and overseas independent trial work supports its efficacy.


We™ve had great success with Elitox with 20 years of good results so if you have any questions on how Elitox can help you feel free to call us.

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