Enhancing Sustainability and Production outcomes in the Layer Industry: Introducing Hard to Crack, a premium mid to late lay formula for superior egg quality.

Author – Alister MacDonald


One of the great challenges the layer industry faces is how to prolong the productive laying life of hens whilst maintaining eggshell quality. With payback for each hen occurring well after peak lay, extending the productive laying cycle is critical for profitability and sustainability. Despite best efforts, the average laying cycle most often does not exceed 65 weeks due to the decline in eggshell quality. Therefore, by utilising the best technology in performance minerals from Zinpro and the unique Panbonis form of 1,25(OH)2D3 (bioavailable Vitamin D), Hard to Crack aims to target hen viability and commercial success of your layer operation.


Incorporating Hard to Crack as a part of the feeding program for layers offers a multitude of benefits for poultry producers. From the perspective of sustainability, studies indicate the aforementioned inputs can reduce raw materials and product usage, leading to economic and environmental advantages. Specifically, by utilising a superior source of performance minerals, we can decrease reliance on excessive trace mineral supplementation. Furthermore, by adding a bioactive source of 1,25(OH)2D3, the hen can overcome potential physiological challenges at this crucial age, enabling correct calcium homeostasis. Thus, the hen obtains the required nutrients without overconsumption, decreasing calcium, phosphorus, and feed intake levels.


Another paramount concern in modern layers is the need to enhance animal welfare.

Ensuring longer, healthier lifespans for birds is a fundamental aspect of this requirement. By utilizing Hard to Crack, poultry producers can contribute to the well-being of their layers across several metrics, leading to an improved health status, resilience to disease and overall improvement in animal welfare standards. Particular outcomes of interest include: significant reductions in bacterial challenges and significant increases in intestinal health markers, which also act upon litter quality and food safety.


The Feedworks Hard to Crack formula is designed with a single, yet powerful, goal in mind: to extend the lifespan of layers while simultaneously enhancing production performance during mid to late lay. Hard to Crack supports the hen to lay higher quality eggs for longer, improving the economics and sustainability of egg production.

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