Get those fresh cow pumping milk and get ˜em in calf too!

Ian Sawyer – Ruminant Technical Specialist


Hi friends, spring is round the corner but for a lot of areas its feeling like its here already. A bit of sun, some growth happening and spring calvers on the go!

We have a range of tools that are ideally suited to optimising milk PRODUCTION, promoting the dairy revenue base whilst also optimising REPRODUCTION.

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. Plenty of milk, but cows that cycle and hold. This season while milk prices remain solid it™s a great time to set up your entire lactations for your clients¦and do it with a low input price to boot!  That™s our goal at Feedworks.

ACIDBUF: Truly a tool for all seasons, it excels every spring.  We know spring is the time with the most SARA risk.  High total DMI, low e-fibre pastures, highly digestible carbs in those pastures, and additional feed to support fresh cows.  It all adds up to a lot of VFA in that rumen.  That™s great as an energy source, but it™s also a risk for some rumen dysfunction and SARA.  We all know that costs us milk volume and milk solids (especially fat yield).  More insidious is a lower DMI and more body weight loss in fresh cows.  That has negative impacts on reproduction.

Acidbuf is the most effective tool for managing SARA out there. It™s got a great published data set in both grazing and confinement diets.  No other tool for SARA can point to that data and offer that confidence.

Acidbuf is so cost-effective too!  100mls of Milk (that™s right 0.1L worth 8-9c) will pay for your acidbuf, and that is going to happen consistently through spring. Money well spent.

Diamond V: 50% of the cows in the USA won™t be wrong!  Diamond V has an FDA claim to promote DMI, and it™s this that underpins its impacts.  How do you make more milk, but limit body weight loss?  Eat more. And that is what Diamond V provides.  Add in greater Fibre digestion, greater microbial protein and greater rumen stability and it too is a wonderful fresh cow tool to bring milk and reproduction.

Remember the meta-analysis on Diamond V in Journal dairy science shows 1.65 L of ECM daily (Poppy et al).  It™s a no brainer.  Compare that to the equivalent data on live yeast (Onderoza et al) where the impact is only a litre, and you can see the incredible value in the tool that is diamond V.

That is 90g solids daily vs 50g solids daily in these published papers.  At $8 MS that is 72c vs 40c production.  Diamond V wins that production race hands down.

You won™t go wrong with Diamond V at around 7c/head/day, and when the weather warms up, it has great data supporting its impact on Heat stress as well.

Zinpro Performance Minerals: We love the new Availa 5 combination¦yes, we have introduced Selenium into the legendary Availa 4 ¦making a great product even better.  Levels of Zinc, Manganese, Copper, cobalt and now selenium are tweaked in line with the new NASEM guidelines¦the good news is Availa 5 is no more costly than Availa 4 was.

We know the value of the key trace minerals in energy metabolism, gut integrity, health, well-being and reproduction.  Use Availa 5 for milk and get the reproduction as a great free addition¦or focus on getting the cows in calf and know that extra milk pays for the Avail5.

Even Zinpro Zinc by itself is a great idea as we move through a bit of ongoing damp in some areas, so hooves and Cell count remain a bit of a challenge. The data is so strong. Use it with confidence!


Bergafat: Remember a bag of fat is not a bag of fat!   Fat supplements are about much more than just the megajoules these days. With Bergafat we can provide you with different Fatty acid profiles that support your goals for either more milk solids, or a better management of body condition to favour reproduction.  The Bergafat options handle well, have no nasty smells like the old-fashioned calcium salt style supplements and are proven winners to supporting your fat test or getting cows cycling strongly (or even a bit of both we may say!)

Many folks will use around that 100-150g/day of Bergafat, and report benefits and responses that go far beyond the impact we would anticipate based purely on the megajoule delivery.  That is the great thing about fatty acid physiology.

Elitox: There will still be plenty of silage and hay going out to fresh cows as we move towards full grazing, and we all know last harvest was one of poor quality in many areas.  If this is the case around your clients, the use of Elitox to manage the risk of low-quality forages with mould risk is really wise.   As we move into summer, we know that PRGT (staggers) will likely kick in as well.  In either application, Elitox at 7c/day has the data and the proven track record to keep the herds on the straight and narrow.