N-Sight Soil Nitrogen Test

N-sight System
  • Measuring nitrogen requires management of the sampling, storage, and testing of the soil. It also required proper use of the nitrogen measurement sensor.

  • The N-Sight System can be used with field fresh soil, no chemicals (other than water,) and reported results immediately.

  • To get the level of accuracy required, you must:
  • Use a FarmQA Soilscan by 360 Yield machine supplied by FarmQA and Feedworks

  • Use nitrate tips that have gone through our quality procedure

  • Follow FarmQA use instructions

  • Utilize FarmQA N-Sight conversion platform


  • What does this real time Nitrogen tests mean for cropping, plant, orchard production systems?
  • Nitrogen is 60-70% of total fertilizer costs.

  • You don™t want to waste your most expensive fertiliser.

  • N-Sight allows you to accurately decide on the level of Nitrogen application to match the yield potential of the crop/plant by season in real time.

  • You don™t have to wait days (weeks) to decide if you want to apply Nitrogen when rain in pending or an irrigation is scheduled.

  • This is not a prediction but a real measurement that supports your intuition or allows you to make better and more precise decisions.

  • Bottom line you make more money by targeted applications of Nitrogen.

  • What other functions does the FarmQA platform allow?
  • By turning on the œscouting software you can name the farm, paddock, co-ordinates and build a history of Nitrogen use. Your unique IP login will be created, and password protected.

  • Integration with in field weather stations.

  • The use of Aqua Spy moisture probes

  • GPS mapping of farms.

  • Soil compaction tests and GPS locations.

  • Yield monitors.

  • How do you access the technology?
  • N-Sight and the FarmQA Controller access come as a package and annual subscription.

  • Simply call Feedworks and we™ll give you the price on the best package solution to fit your needs.