No evidence that high levels of copper produce antibiotic resistance

Dr David Cadogan “ Feedworks Monogastric Technical Services

High copper levels of 100-200 ppm are being revisited in progeny pig and broiler diets to maximise growth performance while limiting the abundance of opportunistic bacteria that reduce nutrient availability. More recently the monovalent copper (CoRouge) has been shown to produce more consistent and higher responses due to this type of copper not accumulating in the liver (to toxic levels) as much as divalent copper from the Sulphate and Chloride forms (see attached paper: Monovalent copper v CuSO4 oxidative status; Forouzandah et al 2022).

Lastly, a recent paper (Brinck et al, 2023) again from  Hans Stein™s group at Illinois State University, has strongly suggested that high levels of inorganic copper (250ppm) does not increase the antibiotic resistance (see attached).