Nutritional Tools for Heat Load Management in Beef

Dr Stephanie Sammes, Feedworks Ruminant Technical Services


Improve Gut Integrity

Zinpro Availa Zn & Natural Betaine

High heat load can impair intestinal barrier integrity, decreasing nutrient absorption and potentially leading to leaky gut, systemic inflammation and sloughing of the intestinal epithelial cell lining.

Essential OTM, particularly Zn can aid in animal performance, immune support and epithelial integrity. Availa Zn can help improve epithelial integrity by maintaining cell division, protein synthesis and antioxidant activity, as well as overall immune system support, all of which are advantageous during challenging periods such as high heat load.

Natural betaine can also improve gut integrity by regulating cellular osmotic balance and aiding in the maintenance of water and ion balance within cells. In addition, an energy-sparing effect is achieved which can help lower maintenance energy requirements, allowing nutrients to be diverted into more productive outcomes.

Manage Rumen Dysfunction

AcidBuf & Diamond V

During a heat wave, compounding of stress can occur from a combination of physiological, biological and metabolic stresses. These thermoregulatory processes can reduce DMI, activate immune system responses and result in subsequent systemic inflammation. Post-heat wave, when cattle begin increasing DMI, often presents with a greater risk of acute acidosis as cattle try to regulate continued rumen pH disturbances they experienced during the heat wave.

Rumen buffers such as AcidBuf can aid in the regulation of rumen pH, particularly post-heat wave when the mean rumen pH is often lower and cattle spend greater durations of time below acidosis pH thresholds. AcidBuf shows long-term stable pH buffering and mineral release within a broad pH range. Its superior acid neutralisation capabilities help to manage rumen dysfunction, particularly when cattle are predisposed to a greater risk of acidosis during heat load challenges.

Diamond V is a postbiotic that can help stabilise the rumen, enhance microbe populations and maintain intake and digestion, all of which are of particular importance during heat challenge periods. By stabilising conditions within the rumen, in conjunction with systemic immune support, Diamond V can help reduce leaky gut and strengthen mucosal immunity, improving the animalâ„¢s ability to withstand stress.

Improve Performance & Well-Being

Providing a balanced diet to both support gastrointestinal and immune system capabilities is of particular importance during hot summer conditions. The above feed additives are all effective nutritional management tools that can be used to help ameliorate the negative effects of high heat load and improve cattle performance and well-being.