Feedworks provides leading edge nutritional and functional feed additives for the ruminant industry. Given we have a freedom of choice we only work with those products that meet our internal review process. All products meet AgVet regulations audited to industry codes of practice.

Acid Buf Ruminants

Acid Buf Ruminants
  • Acid Buf is a natural rumen buffer derived from Calcareous Marine Algae for use in dairy & beef cattle and sheep.
  • It is also a bioavailable source of calcium, magnesium and trace minerals derived from natural marine sources material.
  • For Australian conditions it is the best buffer in the market at managing rumen challenges.
  • Backed by University published data to support this efficacy.
  • Given the low inclusion levels Acid Buf is a very cost effective option providing a wonderful value equation.
  • Effective against sub-acute rumen acidosis and sub clinical rumen dysfunction as well as more acute challenges.
  • Improves fibre digestibility and dry matter intake.
  • Increases milk yield and solids yield.
  • Sustainably harvested with with EU organic and sustainability status awarded.