Feedworks provides leading edge nutritional and functional feed additives for the ruminant industry. Given we have a freedom of choice we only work with those products that meet our internal review process. All products meet AgVet regulations audited to industry codes of practice.

Diamond V Ruminants

Diamond V Ruminants
  • The only product with an FDA approved claim to increase Dry Matter Intake
  • Promotes Milk Fat and Milk Protein
  • Improved Feed Conversion Efficiency
  • Grows more rumen bugs
  • Manages rumen Health
  • Assist moderate rumen pH (SARA)
  • Easy to store and Pellet “ No temperature issues
  • Higher milk yield
  • Assists mitigate the effects of Heat Stress
  • Trust “ Supported by one of the world™s best research teams
  • Better colostrum IgG, and immune transfer to calves
  • Improved AGD and FCE in calves and beef animals
  • Also available in liquid, soluble, and Organic certified forms