Equipment and Feeding Systems
Equipment and Feeding Systems

Quality feed, feed delivery and data recording are essential in intensive livestock production. Feedworks provides specialist equipment to meet the needs of the innovative intensive livestock and feed production industries.

Farm Automation Solutions

Farm Automation Solutions

a. Cloud-Based Data Management
Secure and scalable cloud platforms that enable efficient storage, analysis, and
management of farm data, facilitating data-driven decision-making, and process

b. Pig Performance Testing Software – NEDAP
Software solutions that track and analyze key performance indicators of pigs,
providing valuable insights for herd management and performance optimization.

c. Feed Delivery Management Software – Tewe Dashboard
Software platform that streamlines feed delivery management, optimizing feed
usage, reducing manual labor, and ensuring precise feed distribution.

d. Microfan Internet of Things
Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that integrate various farm systems and
sensors, allowing real-time monitoring and control of environmental conditions,
optimizing animal welfare and efficiency.

e. Farm Networking Solutions
Networking infrastructure and solutions that enable seamless connectivity and
communication between various farm systems and devices, enhancing
operational efficiency and control.