Equipment and Feeding Systems
Equipment and Feeding Systems

Quality feed, feed delivery and data recording are essential in intensive livestock production. Feedworks provides specialist equipment to meet the needs of the innovative intensive livestock and feed production industries.

Precision Feeding Systems

Precision Feeding Systems

a. Nedap Electronic Sow Feeders:
Advanced electronic feeding systems specifically designed for sows, offering
precise individual feeding control based on their nutritional needs, improving
efficiency, and optimizing sow performance.

b. Tewe Electronic – Air Feeding Systems:
State-of-the-art air-based feeding systems that utilize controlled airflow to
distribute feed accurately and evenly, reducing waste and promoting efficient
feed utilization.

c. Tewe Electronic – Chain Feeding Systems:
Innovative chain-based feeding systems that ensure precise and consistent
delivery of feed to livestock, improving feed efficiency and allowing for
customizable feeding programs.

d. Feedlogic – Feed Saver Farm Blending Systems:
Cutting-edge blending systems that accurately mix and deliver feed, reducing
feed wastage and optimizing the nutritional composition of the feed for
maximum animal performance.

e. Feed Meter:
For accurate measurement and monitoring of feed consumption, allowing
farmers to track and adjust feed quantities according to individual animal
requirements, ensuring optimal nutrition and reducing feed waste.

f. IDAS for Poultry and Pigs:
Integrated Diet Analysis System specifically designed for poultry and pigs,
providing comprehensive nutritional analysis and feed formulation to meet their
specific dietary needs.