Equipment and Feeding Systems
Equipment and Feeding Systems

Quality feed, feed delivery and data recording are essential in intensive livestock production. Feedworks provides specialist equipment to meet the needs of the innovative intensive livestock and feed production industries.

Spare Parts and Technical Support

Spare Parts and Technical Support

a. Spare Parts Sales – OEM Parts
Genuine and high-quality spare parts for agricultural equipment and systems,
ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

b. Parts Identification and Sourcing
Service that assists in identifying and sourcing the right spare parts for specific
equipment, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

c. Express Delivery and Shipping
Fast and reliable delivery and shipping services for spare parts, minimizing
equipment downtime and ensuring timely repairs.

d. Spare Parts Consultancy and Inventory Management
Expert advice and support for spare parts management, including inventory
optimization and maintenance planning.

e. Customization
Tailored solutions and modifications for equipment and systems to meet specific
farm requirements and maximize efficiency.

f. Technical Support
Professional technical assistance and troubleshooting services to address
equipment issues and ensure smooth farm operations.

g. Training and Education
Training programs and educational resources to educate farmers and operators
on the proper use, maintenance, and optimization of equipment and systems.

h. Online Parts and Catalogue
Online platforms and catalogues that provide easy access to spare parts
information, enabling convenient ordering and efficient inventory management.