Zinpro® Availa® 5

Zinpro® Availa® 5


Cows need trace minerals that can be absorbed efficiently to sustain their increasing performance, well-being and overall health.

A large proportion of inorganic trace minerals, as well as some alternative organic trace minerals on the market, can get inactivated in the gut, rendering them largely unavailable to the animal.


The range of Zinpro organic trace minerals are more efficiently absorbed through ˜amino acid transporters™ within the gut.

There are 5 essential factors for a successful trace mineral:

1. Complex must be water soluble

2. Complex must be stable across a range of physiological pHs

3. Complex must be stable in the presence of dietary chelating agents

4. Complex must be absorbable from GI tract

5. Complex must result in increased availability of the metal and amino acid

Zinpro organic trace minerals have ALL 5 factors!

The manufacturing process uses a patented œamino acid extraction process which breaks down a pure source of protein into free amino acids. These amino acids are then complexed to the trace mineral, resulting in creation of a highly available complexed organic trace mineral product.


Zinpro Availa 5 contains a combination of organic zinc, manganese, copper, cobalt and selenium. When cattle are fed the right source and correct balance of trace minerals, they™re able to better respond and recover to health challenges, helping to achieve greater performance efficiency.



Zinpro Availa 5 can help deliver on the following goals:



Improved selenium nutrition helps dairy cows and calves have a better start.

The selenium source provided by Zinpro Availa 5 is zinc-L-selenomethionine. It has been designed to be the world™s first rumen-bypass selenium compound for superior stability, solubility and metabolism. This allows greater selenium body stores, due to having 1.7 times greater availability compared to Se-yeasts. These stores can help support antioxidant defence and health of both the cow and calf.